2017 – A Brief Look Back

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2017 was our 2nd full year running BrickBrains.com, and as one hoped, things got quite a bit busier on the site.

According to StatCounter.com, our traffic nearly doubled in 2017 as compared to 2016! That makes us really happy here! Someone is paying attention to the work we do. Now, the number of views we had all year, still pales in comparison to some of the more established sites, which get over 100,000 views per day.

2017 was an interesting year for our top articles. The most popular articles are not necessarily the ones we expected in some cases, but they’re not far off.

  1. LEGO Photos From Nuremberg Toy Fair 2017 – January 2017
  2. Leaked Again – Is a UCS Millennium Falcon Coming? – May 2017
  3. Highway Thru Hell – Jamie Davis Rotator in LEGO – December 2016
  4. LEGO Custom Minifigure Series 17 – Mystery Solved! – February 2017
  5. Millennium Falcon as Furniture – April 2016
  6. 2 More LEGO Architecture 2017 Releases – February 2017
  7. LEGO Launches Saturn V Rocket This June – March 2017
  8. Final 2 BrickHeadz Officially Shown – February 2017
  9. Awesome Modular Ghostbusters Firehouse Rebuild – May 2017
  10. LEGO City Police Sets – 2017 Release – November 2016

I’m not surprised that the Falcone got 2 places on that list. The rumors were running rampant for months, LEGO ran a great teaser campaign to wind people up, and then anyone lucky enough to be able to get one had to figure out how to display it. The coffee table as a centerpiece was popular, but as always, builders design some custom brick-built stands and figured out way to display her upright.


The placement of Tim Tosino’s Jamie Davis Rotator at the #3 spot is fascinating. Tim’s a local builder her in Vancouver, not far from the Jamie Davis base in Hope. Tim did a great job on that build and many of the others he’s done. I just didn’t expect it to be only a mere couple of hundred views shy of the #2 spot. Way to go Tim. I look forward to what you do for BrickCan in 2018 and beyond!

Do you have a favorite post from BrickBrains in 2017? Personally, I think mine was the custom skylines as a way of extending the architecture sets. I love all the announcements about new sets and new lines, but I’m more fascinating by what the average builder (of any age) can come up with using these versatile bits of plastic.

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