LEGO Creator 10242 – MINI Cooper

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We bought the LEGO Creator 10242MINI Cooper last year for a few reasons. It’s a great looking car, we like the color, and it compliments the Volkswagen T1 Camper Van nicely on our shelves. These are not built to the same scale though. The MINI Cooper is actually bigger than the Camper Van. We live in Vancouver and it seems that Minis are everywhere, probably due to how easily they maneuver in the urban sprawl, and tiny condo parking lots.

This is another example of LEGO engineers paying attention to details that really bring the set to life. The doors, hood and back all open to reveal these details. The engine has a remarkable level of recognizable parts and the back features room for the included picnic set and a spare tire. Inside the main passenger area, the details continue with patterned seats, a veneer style dashboard and turning steering wheel.

This MINI Cooper Mk VII replica is decked out in the classic green and white color scheme including the racing stripes and white side mirrors. On the front there are even 2 fog lamps to light the way.

Building this was not too challenging. As usual, the instructions provided by LEGO walk you through step by step and since both the left and right of the car are fairly similar, there’s a lot of repetition which makes things pretty straight forward. That said, the intricate details of the engine caused a few pauses while I worked to double check. It’s always the same way, you get about 5 steps on and realize you missed a brick a while back. Frustrating, but not the end of the world.

At 1077 pieces, LEGO has recommended this for ages 16+, but an experienced younger builder could certainly complete this without difficulty.

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