Millennium Falcon as Furniture

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Millennium Falcon coffee tableTommy over at BrickNerd shared this sweet concept for incorporating your favorite LEGO set or MOC as a showpiece and functional furniture at the same time. In this case, it’s the UCS Millennium Falcon (10179) being showcased.

The coffee table was conceived by lysanderchau of Flickr (and other places I’m sure) and was custom-made by a furniture shop. The glass-topped and fronted main box is designed to look like a landing bay from the Death Star and includes numerous Storm Troopers, droids and even an AT-ST keeping guard. The table/display case also seems to have some storage underneath behind sliding doors and appears to be on wheels.

Overall this is a great solution for a small space. The concept could be applied to any LEGO set – imagine a sprawling Endor scene, small city or even a simple train layout inside… whatever suits your tastes and your home.

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