LEGO Launches Saturn V Rocket This June!

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The LEGO Group has started teasing us for the launch of the next LEGO Ideas project in June. The previously announced Apollo 11 Saturn-V rocket by saabfan will blast into stores this June.

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Designed to celebrate the 45th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon-landing, the original Ideas model was 130 studs high (1:110 scale) and contained 1179 bricks.

No details of how the final set will appear or what will be included were shared by LEGO on Facebook, and they’ve been pretty stealthy in their replies to comments. We’ll just have to wait and see what they reveal in the coming weeks.

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  1. Correction. Upon further verification, the submitted model had stage 1 and 2 at 14 studs wide. So slightly smaller – which also reduce greatly the chances of seeing the inside tanks without having to create new parts. Still highly pumped up anyway! As soon as we know the overall height, we will be able to start designing the launch tower to go with it.

  2. From the picture above it looks very promissing! Looking at this, the command module is 4 studs wide, the LEM strorage area is 8 studs wide and the stage 1 and 2 is 12 studs wide. Those are exactly the same measurements “width-wise” of the submitted model. If you look closely as the zoomed picture, you will see they did an extremely fine job at “texturing” the rocket and the overall shape also seems to be smoother. I would be ecstatic if the model also reveals the inside tanks but I doubt it (many more parts involved) I can’t wait!!!!

    • Nice attention to details Eric. I agree that it looks really interesting. I love that Ideas focus on a lot of “science” type sets that are educational, along with the fun stuff.


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