LEGO City Police Sets – 2017 Releases


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LEGO releases a ton of LEGO City Police sets it seems. Kids must really love playing cops and robbers with their LEGO for it to be this popular. I remember police sets were some of the earliest that my brother and I ever had, so it’s been one core theme for me over the years.

In 2017, the trend continues with the 8 sets below. Some look great for adding more dimension and playability to a city, or even as a stand-alone set. The smaller sets, like the first 3 below, are just fun and great for building out a scene maybe. I can see a swarm of the ATVs on a beach or in a park, as well as little LEGO ATMs popping up everywhere.

Pricing and availability will follow, but these are listed as 2017 sets, so many will likely appear on January 1 and more will follow after.

60135 ATV Arrest – 47 Pieces

60136 Police Starter Set – 80 Pieces

60137 Tow Truck Trouble – 144 Pieces

60138 High-speed Chase – 294 Pieces

60139 Mobile Command Center – 374 Pieces

60140 bulldozer Break-in – 561 Pieces

60141 Police Station – 894 Pieces

60143 Auto Transport Heist – 403 Pieces

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