More Self-Isolation Ideas From LEGO

The LEGO Group has a massive team of really creative people in pretty much every department so it's no surprise that we're...

LEGO Daily Challenge – March 28

For parents, or anyone really, keeping kids or themselves occupied during this time of self-isolation can be challenging. How much TV can...

In Space, Nobody Can Hear You Sing A, B, C

You've probably seen this on other sites, and The Brothers Brick have profiled the whole collection and...

Series 20 LEGO Collectible Minifigures Distribution

As boxes of the upcoming LEGO Collectible Minifigure Series 20 start to hit reviewers, we now know the distribution of the figures...

LEGO Ideas Brings Pirates Back To LEGO!

Ahoy Mateys and Greetings M'ladies!The LEGO Ideas set that we've seen teased...

Beautiful Bottlenose Dolphin

Builder Ken Ito (Flickr) has shared his latest creation with the world - it's a wonderful bottlenose dolphin (Dubbed Bottlenose Dolphin 2.0)....

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