Gotta catch this enormous Pikachu statue

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Given the popularity of Pokémon Go this past year, it’s not surprising that the characters are as popular as ever. I never really got into the game for more than about an hour probably because I grew up way before the Pokémon crazy.

Over in Belgium, video game store Game Mania commissioned Dirk Van Haesbroeck Brick Projects to create 2 huge Pikachu figures, each with over 25,000 pieces and measuring around 5 feet tall. As you can see in the video, except for 2 supports inside the statues are mainly hollow, and some clever engineering was used to both support and attach the tail in a seamless fashion.

The figures were presented to the public in December 2016 and each was auctioned off to benefit Bednet. The auction raised € 3,500 for the charity which provides a way for sick children to attend school over the internet.


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