LEGO Ideas Spotlight – River Side Lodge

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Earlier today the River Side Lodge set by terauma achieved it’s 10,000 supporter requirement to move on to the next review stage in LEGO Ideas. The set was posted on January 4, 2023 so this accomplishment took less than a month, perhaps given a boost by the recently released A-Frame cabin.

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Regardless of the reason for it’s surge in popularity, the River Side Lodge is a great looking set. The lodge is set among a varied landscape of hills, waterfall, trees and a little fishing hole at it’s base. It’s a surprisingly compact feeling set for a 32×32 base and I love that there’s some elevation to the set, instead of just sitting on a standard baseplate.

That elevation may make it harder for people to incorporate into a “city” or “forest” layout, but it will also provide some inspiration to build some variety into your scene.

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