LEGO Ideas Spotlight – Twilight: The Cullen House

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Many moons ago – 14 years worth – we were given the beginning of the Twilight movie series about a family of vampires and the one mortal girl who fell in love with the moody “teenager” of the group. Yep – Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson’s movie careers launched into high gear back then.

Now on Feb 3, 2023 LobsterThermidor posted their LEGO Ideas proposal and within just 48 hours, all 10,000 required votes were added to propel the set into the next round of LEGO reviews. Crazy right?

The proposed set features 3 floors of the Hoke House used in the film, and has tons of Easter Eggs according to the creator on the Ideas site.

The model is filled with Easter eggs from the books and movies, including:

  • A brick-built werewolf (You can transform the Jacob minifig by quickly throwing him to the side and pretending that he shape-shifted before your very eyes!)
  • Custom printed 1×1 tiles representing each book cover as wall art in the living room (or…dying room?)
  • A baseball bat and glove in the garage for playing vampire baseball (only during a thunderstorm, of course)
  • Graduation cap display art because the Cullens matriculate a lot (it’s a private joke)
  • NO BEDS! (because vampires don’t get sweepy)
  • A library-turned-infirmary if you want to either read a novel or stitch up Bella’s latest wound with the included and extraordinarily pale Carlisle Minifig.

What do you think? Would you buy this set if LEGO were to make it? Do you think LEGO would do this license?

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