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One of the more impressive MOC’s making the rounds this week is from Flickr user and LEGO Builder Andrew Tate aka snaillad. Andrew has done many beautiful builds that he features on Flickr, but this newest one I found really creative. It’s the “Top Slice Bakery.”

Top Slice Bakery
Come visit the Top Slice Bakery for Loaves, pastries and much more! Grab a coffee to go from the cup kiosk. All items baked on the premises in the ‘flour’ tower.

There’s a history in the United States of building structures that look like their purpose, or at least visually connect in some way. The Top Slice Bakery is designed to look like toast is popping out the top of a toaster with a cup of coffee to the side next to a little patio area. Even the flour tower in the background looks like a canister you might find in a kitchen.

The other thing to note is that almost every surface is smooth with only a couple of studs showing in the windows, which I think provides a very finished and professional look.

Browsing through Andrew’s photostream brings us to a ton of other wonderful MOCs like his First Class LoungeThe Ocean Restaurant and vintage vehicles. All of Andrew’s MOCs are photographed and staged in a way to really bring a sense of life to them. It feels like there are little vignettes or stories taking place in several spots throughout each one. Like in the scene below from The Riviera.

The Riviera

I’d recommend you follow Andrew on Flickr to see what exciting project he brings us next.

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