Flickr Friday: The Procession by Brickbink

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Flickr user Brickbink has only recently joined the ranks of LEGO fans on Flickr but has done so with some pretty impressive builds.

The Brothers Brick spotlighted Brickbink’s “The Chase” and I found “The Procession” from there. The middle eastern architecture and colors are perfect and each “simple” build tells a real story about the people and place captured within. The use of a variety of pieces with subtle color variations invokes a real age or history to the building, and the pattern in the courtyard gives visual and practical interest.

We don’t know what the procession is for, except that it appears to be of a religious nature. Are the people cheering or jeering? It’s not clear, except the one guy by the door who doesn’t look too happy.

Click through the gallery below for a better look and be sure to check out Brickbink’s other work as well.the procession

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