21011: The Brandenburg Gate Reviewed

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For anyone who’s a fan of architecture or history, the Brandenburg gate is a nifty little set that will occupy your time for half an hour and also give you some perspective on the events surrounding this historic monument. (Lego Architecture 21011: Brandenburg Gate, 12+, 363 pieces, $44.99 CAD)

 In the box

The LEGO folks have continued their Architecture series tradition of including historical and architectural details along with the instructions in a beautifully designed book. The instructions themselves are clearly laid out and easily followed.

The pieces that comprise the model are different than the usual white, grey or blue that dominate the palette of the Architecture series. Instead, the Brandenburg Gate set has a pale green used for the tarnished copper of the original roof, and a slightly darker tan for the stone used in the original’s construction.

IMG_9566 (1)

The build

Building the Brandenburg Gate took a solid 30 minutes, and given the clarity of of the instructions, there were no difficulties or confusion to be had. The roofs of the gate and outbuildings are comprised of dozens upon dozens of 1×1 slanted pieces, and there was some trouble getting them to sit straight as the rows were built. Otherwise, the build was pretty easy and unremarkable.


The Value

At 393 pieces and $44.99 CAD, the Brandenburg Gate isn’t the best piece-to-price model of the Architecture series. As well, as an architecture model, the “playability factor” doesn’t really come into it. In terms of the quality of the model, it lands squarely in LEGO’s reputation of typical high quality design and appearance. LEGO is currently showing this set as “Sold Out”, so prices may increase shortly.

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