Building a synth case out of LEGO

This post may contains affiliate links. If you use these links to buy something we may earn a commission. Thanks. has run an article about one it’s readers, Berlin-based Daniel Mueller, who builds cases for his gear out of LEGO Technic bricks. He’s just completed his second such case and has the photos on Flickr showing his work. I’ve added the slideshow below.

Mueller builds the cases for himself and shares his creations as inspiration for others, but is not selling them. Each case is custom built for the particular piece of gear he’s enclosing. He chose LEGO because “It is very stable and lightweight… and because of the fact that it is modular… which means you can attach more parts or change the depth, height, length…”
Lego Eurorack Cases

Mueller’s work is an interesting use of LEGO Technic parts, but I’m still unclear WHY he’s doing this? Decoration? Testing? So he can use these without a rack? Anyway, let me know if you have any special builds like this that you’d like to showcase here.

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  1. Hi Jeff,

    good to see my case also in the Lego-related context. The reason why i am building cases for my music gear is the same as other people are building stuff with lego…i think all you brickbrains know what i mean. there is no need to build something with lego.
    but in fact a case for my eurorack synthesizer is a need, at least for me, and since those racks for modular synthesizers can be very expensive i wanted to build it by myself…and as a LegoTechnicLover it is obvious that i want to build that case with Lego…
    I use that Modular Synthesizer as a desktop unit that i can also transport from here to there, like may other Modular cases that you can buy…

    It is not only decoration or aesthetics, it is also the idea behind it that you can build a case that is literally modular, meaning that you can expand that case in height, length, depth…And the case is really stable..

    So i hope you get the idea behind this case…in the end it is just about to build something with Lego…isn´t it…;-)

    best regards
    Daniel Mueller

    • Thanks Daniel. I didn’t mean to imply there was no good reason for it. We’ve all tried to build practical things out of LEGO, and it seems you’ve succeeded quite well!

      • Hey Jeff, i know…just wanted to give an idea what made me build this case.
        Thanks for posting on your blog…and keep on bricking 😉


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