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New Millennium Falcon Announcement is Deja Vu Again

The other day the LEGO Group released photos of the new Kessel Run Millennium Falcon from the upcoming SOLO: A Star Wars Movie. Didn't...

Crazy Small Millennium Falcon Scene Rocks!

The Millennium Falcon is arguably one of the most recognizable ships to be depicted in sci-fi. Technically it's been in 5 out of 8...

Millennium Falcon as Furniture

Tommy over at BrickNerd shared this sweet concept for incorporating your favorite LEGO set or MOC as a showpiece and functional furniture at the...

Interview with Hannes Tscharner – Builder of 7500 Piece Millennium Falcon

Just a straight link to the article by Andrew of The Brothers Brick website who posted a great interview with the dedicated and talent LEGO builder Hannes...

Incredible Custom Millennium Falcon MOC

Flickr user Marshal Banana has created a stunning Millennium Falcon out of LEGO that is not based on any official LEGO set. He says "It took...