More 2024 Friends Sets Revealed By Finnish Website

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The other day we showed you the cool Heartlake City Shopping Mall set coming starting January 1, 2024, and today we learned about 5 more Friends sets coming in the new year. Finnish retailer included the image below in it’s listing for Heartlake City Shopping Mall giving away the details.

Edit: Information about names and parts from

42608 Mini-Boutique (129 pieces) – Is a small kiosk selling fashion accessories and includes mini-dolls of Candi and Paisley

42614 Vintage Fashion Store (409 pieces) – Is a Vintage boutique clothing store and includes 3 mini-dolls of Liann, Olly and Jordin, along with multiple clothing elements to swap out.

42620 Olly and Paisley’s Family Home (1126 pieces) – A pair of houses for your Heartlake City residents to live in. As this set includes mini-dolls for Ella, Paisley, Jonathan and Olly, it seems they might live in at least one of the houses.

42621 Heartlake City Hospital (1045 pieces) – This set looks like a hospital for Heartlake City – and a fairly high-tech one. Lots of mini-dolls are included: Autumn, Mia, baby Jayson, Mary Joy, baby Eman, Brendan and Alycia.

42639 – Lastly is the largest set so far and appears to be an epic Friends mansion in vibrant colors. 9 mini-dolls feature in this build and include Ji-Won, Andrea, Emma, Olivia, Stephanie, Mia, Autumn, Leo and Paisley.

Part counts, official names and prices are still pending but will likely show up soon. And we’ll update this article with those details when we get them.

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