LEGO Super Mario Lineup Continue to Grow

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Finnish retailer has given us a lot of new information today – this time about new Super Mario sets coming soon, including pictures.

In their product listing for 71429: Nabbit at Toad’s Shop, they including the following image showing 3 new sets.

71428 – (107 pieces) includes a pink Yoshi and a yellow Yoshi with an egg.

71429 – Nabbit at Toad’s Shop (130 pieces) – $19.99 USD coming December 1, 2023 Includes 2 brick-built Super Mario™ characters – The Yellow Toad and Nabbit figures can grip accessory elements in their hands and Nabbit has a buildable bag

71430Penguin Family Snow Adventure (228 pieces) – $19.99 USD is coming on December 1, 2023. Includes 3 LEGO® Super Mario™ characters – A LEGO® brick-built penguin, a baby penguin and a Goomba figure with a winter hat, plus 2 fish figures.

71431 – (458 pieces) – This set is the Koopa Chase from Super Mario 3D World and Includes Bowser, a purple car and 2 bombs.

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