Heartlake City Shopping Mall Coming January 1

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Hey LEGO fans, guess what? We’ve just caught a glimpse of the brand spanking new LEGO® Monkie Kid and Lunar New Year sets, and they’re not the only ones making a splash today! Drumroll, please… We’re also getting our first peek at the LEGO Friends lineup for 2024, and it’s kicking off with a bang!

🎉 The Heartlake City Shopping Mall is not just any set; it’s the celebration of the first anniversary since the LEGO Friends theme got a fresh new look. It’s like a birthday party in a box!

This set is a mini-doll extravaganza with a bunch of our favorite characters and – hold onto your hats – a few new faces we can’t wait to meet. The buzz doesn’t stop there. There’s a quirky little tease in there too – a new banana skin element has been spotted. This has us all wondering: is this a hint that LEGO Mario Kart might be zooming our way? Imagine the races we could create!

🛍️ The LEGO Friends Heartlake City Shopping Mall is set to hit the shelves on January 1st, 2024, and it’s bringing friends! Yes, you heard that right – more LEGO Friends sets will be joining the party, ready to jumpstart your collection for the new year.

So mark your calendars and start saving up those pennies; the LEGO playtimes in 2024 are going to be epic! Keep your eyes peeled for more sneak peeks and updates. Until then, let’s get building! 🚀🛒

Here’s what LEGO says about the set:

Spark imaginative shopping play with the LEGO® Friends Heartlake City Shopping Mall (42604) playset for kids aged 8+. This kids’ toy comes with 7 characters to inspire creative role play and aid children’s social skills development.

There’s lots to discover as kids assemble the 3 floors of the mall with stores dedicated to beauty products, toys, video games, flowers and outdoor gear. And the build is just the start! This building kit is packed with features to fuel friendship stories as kids help the characters explore the stores and pick out their favorite things.

This toy features real-world shopping mall details to delight little customers, like a noodle restaurant, an ice-cream kiosk, an ATM, a waterfall and a pond. Kids can turn the knob to operate the escalators and transport the characters between floors. The mall’s exterior will look great in any child’s bedroom. Turn it around to reveal the interior details with easy access so kids can enjoy playing with their creation.

Includes 7 characters – Features LEGO® Friends characters Liann, Aliya and Nova, plus Liann’s mom, Michelle, and younger sister, Victoria, as well as characters Petch and Irene

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