BrickLink Outage Continues

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Since Friday, November 3, the website has been generally unavailable showing their Maintenance page. The most recent statement suggests, without saying it, that the site was basically hacked. “Unauthorized individuals” certainly suggests that hackers accessed the sites. Early stories reported that a bunch of prices in varioius stores had been reduced but it wasn’t clear if that was part of the issue or not.

We’re hoping the folks behind BrickLink, which is a LEGO company, can get the site back online soon. Many sellers rely on their BrickLink stores as a primary source of income and they’re currently not earning any income and it’s unknown what the state of the stores will be when the site comes back.

Software exists to back up your BrickLink store locally, and also to sync it with a BrickOwl store. BrickOwl may be a good backup option for people to look at if you need to order parts before BrickLink clears up the issue.

Update November 6th. 4.02 pm EST

Friday November 3rd, we temporarily closed the BrickLink site due to unusual activity.

Since then, the team has been working super hard to make sure we can reopen as soon as possible – and we’re getting closer to doing that.

Our investigations so far suggest that a very small percentage of our accounts may potentially have been accessed by unauthorized individuals. We’ll be in contact with people directly soon with more details.

Thank you for your patience and support – the kind posts we see from all of you on social media make a real difference to the team here.

We know it’s very frustrating and we’re sorry that BrickLink will unfortunately be closed for a bit longer.

Many thanks,

Your BrickLink team

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