LEGO Ideas Spotlight – Working Waterfall

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Having some spare time on my hands I decided to take a scroll through the LEGO Ideas site and see what’s happening there. I realized it’s been a long time since I really looked at it.

One build near the top caught my eye – The Working Waterfall with Continuous Flowing Water by LEGOParadise aka Liam. Liam has 3 models entered into Ideas at the moment including a Mini Motorized Race Track and Working Arcade Machines. Both nice builds with 609 and 966 supporters respectively. The Working Waterfall model is the most popular of the 3 with just under 8800 supporters as of this writing.

Watch the video above for a more detailed look at this model and how the waterfall works.

The Waterfall terrain is well detailed both front and back with a nice motorized system running 1×1 trans or trans-light blue studs (almost any blue shade would work) up the back and having them spill down the waterfall in the front. There’s a hiking trail and small meadow at the top, and a nice pond at the bottom with a stream for fish and other wildlife. The rock details are impressive with a variety of angles and shapes as you’d expect in nature.

Working Waterfall from the front, with callouts for features & details.

Leaving no stone unturned, Liam has also included a generous amount of details in the back. The waterfall drops beside an old mineshaft, seemingling abandoned, but with remnants left behind including ladders, a cart and even a crate of dynamite! The rockwork in the back is again impressively detailed and the motor is positioned in such a way as to be somewhat hidden. Through the center you can see the mechanics at work.

Overall the motor and trackway for the bricks is quite nice, allowing you to appreciate the detail without having it feel like it doesn’t belong. It’s essentially a similar technique to how certain GBC (Great Ball Contraptions) work, but in a more confined space.

If you and 1200 or so more people support this project it could go on to be reviewed by the LEGO Ideas team as a possible contender for a future set.

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