More Self-Isolation Ideas From LEGO

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The LEGO Group has a massive team of really creative people in pretty much every department so it’s no surprise that we’re seeing many different ideas coming out to help parents, kids and AFOLs manage their mental health and inspire some builds through this time of self-isolation.

Aside from the daily building challenges on Twitter, LEGO has a section on their main site under Interests called “Arts and Crafts” which features some building ideas. One is to build some classic emoji symbols with parts that most people will have around. You can click the photo for all the details and instructions.

emojibuild pic1

Why Make Arts and Crafts Projects for Kids?

Kids are natural born creatives. Sometimes, as we grow up, we’re taught that creativity is not a productive way to spend our time. Nothing could be further from the truth. Kids who are encouraged to express themselves creatively with any material can learn problem-solving and mathematical skills, spatial awareness, fine motor skills, empathy and much more. Skills that help anyone at any age – including us grown-ups.


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