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Frostbricks in the Spotlight

Frostbricks in the Spotlight

I’m going to try something new today and do a Spotlight on one builder. I’m going to start with someone I’ve been “following” for a while without realizing it. Kale Frost of Frostbricks is the first builder. He’s currently one of the builders on LEGO Masters (Australia) and is a prolific LEGO builder and toy photographer outside of that. On LEGO Masters he took some heat in the first round for not being a team player over his partner Bilsy but his talent is pretty obvious in his builds.

Obviously he has a prolific Instagram (Frostbricks) presence being a photographer, and his Facebook presence is strong too. He’s posting on YouTube again and I’m sure his other social channels are on point as well. He participates in various LEGO events around Australia and has been featured regularly on other blogs in the LEGO universe.

A lot of his posts have a sci-fi and fantasy theme to them, but his style is varied. Everything including vehicles, minifig scale town/city, dioramas for CMF series, mosaics and more.


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