9 LEGO Ideas Sets in first 2019 Review Process

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This morning the LEGO Ideas team announced the 9 sets in contention for the first 2019 Ideas set to become a reality. Below are the 9 sets in no particular order. There’s quite a bit of variety from a unique looking bird from New Zealand, to a miniature world monument and a couple of licensed properties. Who will come out in the end?

If I had to pick, my favorite is the Machu Picchu set as I’ve always loved that location. The Addams Family and Sesame Street sets may end up at the top of the final list though, because of the broader appeal.

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below. Which do you think will win? Which would be the 1 set you’d buy?

National Museum – Rio de Janeiro


The Office – NBC

The Pirate Bay


SpaceX BFR / Starship & Super Heavy 1:110 Scale

Addams Family Mansion

123 Sesame Street

Machu Picchu

Don’t forget, we’re still waiting on the announcement of the last round of 2018 options. There were 5 sets the Ideas crew were considering.

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