The Park – By Wally Jarek

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AFOL Wally Jarek shared his creation, The Park, on the Eurobricks Forums and it does an excellent job of showcasing a unique approach to using the Disney Collectible minifigures. He says he drew his inspiration from Fun in the Park (60134) and just grew it from there.

You can click through the album below to see how he turned the specialized figures into fun balloons for people in the park. As you click through, notice that in most photos he has rearranged the people and scenes to tell new stories in each.

He also incorporated the Valentine’s picnic set under the big tree.

Kids are playing in the sandy area that is partly encroached (or encroaching on) the grassy picnic area.

Not only does this set create an overall scene, the photos show how to make the MOC more interesting by varying the angles and focus, but also what you’re showing. The older couple sitting at the table in one photo can be watching their grandkids play in the next, the skateboarder can move through the fore- or backgrounds of various shots, etc.

Play with your MOCs while you take photos sometimes!
The Park

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