The Grizzly Cafe by Sergey Antokhin

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I found this on the other day and was really impressed with this MOC from 2014. The builder is Сергей Антохин (macsergey on Flickr) and he’s done an outstanding job of capturing exactly the woodsy/lodge feel he says he wanted. He wanted to use the “brick and wood style of Canada or Alaska” and I’d say he’s done it.

Grizzly CafeThe design is a nice throwback to the classic, simple buildings found in both Alaska and Western Canada. It harkens back to those times my family travelled through the rockies.

The brick-built sign on top of the restaurant totally works, and the vertical timbers between the windows and along the sides does too. I also love the detail in the dumpster at the back – the only problem being I doubt it’s bear-proof!

The interior is full of details to discover with plenty of seating and fully equipped kitchen too. The floor in the kitchen even has studs on which to place the employees working there.

There’s a secret too, this place can be open 24 hours due to it’s ingenious lighting system. Scroll through the gallery to see how Sergey included his hidden power supply an dstrip lighting without it being too obtrusive.

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