A Functional Use For Brick Separators – Part 1

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brick separatorI found this interesting project on the LEGO Ideas site recently and it got me thinking. What do YOU do with all those brick separators that you end up with? You know, those (currently) orange doohickeys that help separate pesky tiles and plates. Like the one on the right.

Well – maybe you build something creative and interesting with them, like darkhorse000 did.

transport terminal moc

His platform uses a couple of dozen of the separators to form a v-shaped roof to keep the elements off passengers while they wait for the train. You can also use it as a bus platform if you remove the rails.

Notice too in the near end of the platform, you have 3 holes which would allow you to connect a few of these together and form a much larger platform.

Unfortunately the project only has 67 supporters with just 51 days left to reach the life-extending 100. I think one problem is that nobody wants to buy a set of 32 brick separators instead of some more interesting pieces. Its also posted on Eurobricks.com.

I’ll post some more creative uses for the brick separators as I find them. There have been tons I’ve seen including space ships, monsters and some other more common designs.

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