New LEGO Death Star leaks bring disappointment

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Since yesterday Reddit and other sources are displaying leaked images of the box cover for LEGO set 75159 – a new Star Wars Death Star set. The set will contain just over 4000 pieces, 24 minifigures and retail for a reported $499 USD. I’ll post photos once LEGO officially releases them.

So while it all sounds cool and interesting, and many people love the Death Star sets – there are at least problems people are seeing already.

Firstly, the price. $500 for a 4016 piece set seems pretty steep. People are suggesting there’s 2 factors for this. One being the minifigures – with 24 minifigures that will always bump up the price of a set (see the Fun In The Park – 60134 set this summer) and hopefully will also indicate a higher quality of details on them. The second factor in the price is what people are calling the “Disney Tax” which wasn’t a factor in the previous sets.

Set 10188 – Death Star

The second problem, really what some call the bigger of the 2, is that the set is basically a repeat of the last Death Star (10188) playset. Obviously very few people have all the details of the new Death Star set, but the leaked images show that it should be very similar overall, but hopefully with enough changes to details to make it worth the price tag.

Personally, I’m disappointed at the price – I don’t even know what the Canadian price will be, but it will range up close to $600 at least – unless LEGO takes a loss on it. I’d love to have a Death Star in my collection, but I’m not willing to pay that price – at least not based on these early rumors. I’m not being critical of LEGO here really, but just looking at the reality that these high-priced VIP sets are not going to reach the mass market like something in the $200 range might. I know they can’t produce a set this size for that price, but the way set prices are increasing in general makes it way harder for many collectors and general fans.

Some people will run out and buy it just because it’s a new Death Star model or they want one or more of the figures, but overall we’ll have to wait and see what all of the details are and what the overall reaction to this set is.

The LEGO Death Star (75159) should be the 2nd VIP only set released in mid-September (along with the Winter Holiday Train) and should be generally available on October 1.

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  1. BrickBowie- yes they most certainly have released a set and only changed the minifigs look at the brand new sith infiltrator, they only added R2D2. Other than that it’s exactly the same

  2. I’m pretty sure this is a fake. There’s no change AT ALL in the build, they wouldn’t release a set with only minifigs changed. Also, we had confirmed news that there would be new Han Solo hair, and it hasn’t been updated. I still could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure the image is fake


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