LEGO City 60134 Fun in the park – City People Pack pictures

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60134-playground-go-roundSet 60134, Fun in the park – City People Pack, is all about populating your city with a bunch of new people and new situations. There’s almost nothing to build in this 157-piece set except a picnic table and small merry-go-round. There’s also a section of fence, a kid-sized soccer net, a hot-dog cart and a baby stroller which look like they have about 5 piece each.

There’s 2 things in this set that people in the LEGO community, and even outside, were super happy about when the set debuted at Toy Fair earlier this year: the baby LEGO minifigure and the wheelchair. Accessibility advocates and advocates of diversity in toys made a lot of very happy noise when the wheelchair was spotted. It’s a very positive step toward helping kids who use a wheelchair in their daily life to feel included and represented in play opportunities.

And rather than force a specific minifigure into the chair, say targeting boys or girls, or the elderly, LEGO has built the wheelchair to work for any standard minifigure, and really that’s true of almost all of the elements.

Mom and Dad can care for the baby, or maybe 2 women or 2 men. Who’s riding the bike? Who’s waiting for the bus? The options are nearly endless, and that’s what the photos that LEGO introduced are telling us too.

Mix-and-match, tell your story the way you want, match the setup to your reality or your fiction, whatever it is just go play and be happy!

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