Addams Family Mansion Reaches 10,000 Supporters

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The original TV Addams Family MansionThe competition is always fierce over on the LEGO Ideas site, and the latest set to reach 10,000 supporters may be one of the toughest of all.

It’s not ooky or spooky, but it is an amazing piece of LEGO art – The stunning Addams Family mansion is based on the 1966 TV show, based on the characters created by cartoonist Charles Addams and this version was created by afol777 and submitted on April 17.

The mansion is massive, listed at needing 7,200 pieces to complete, including minifigures for the entire family and an abundance of charmingly haunted special visitors and details. The mansion is 3 stories (22″) tall and built like a Creator Expert Modular building where each floor is removable and the house will also separate into 2 halves down the center of the 2 15″x10″ baseplates. A standard Creator Modular sits on a single 32×32 baseplate measuring 10″x10″.

Hop over to the LEGO Ideas page for this project and see the full gallery and all of the details, or check out Hugh S’s Flickr gallery below.

While I find the set intriguing, I can’t see LEGO producing it. It’s massive and the piece count with an average price of $0.10 would put this set out of anybody’s budget. LEGO could choose to do a miniature version of it, or scaled down in some way, since there seems to be demand and interest. The next round of Ideas entries has a while before voting closes and even longer before the LEGO experts start the review process, so we’ll see where this set fits in at the end of that.
Addams Family Mansion LEGO

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