New London Bus 211 Set Revealed

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10253_Box2_inWe all know there’s an amazing LEGO Creator set coming out of Big Ben (10253) in July and this seems to be a new polybag that compliments it perfectly. Set number 40220 is an adorable little red double-decker bus number 211 which runs past the famous clock tower in London. The scale seems to be a bit big for Big Ben, so maybe they go together or maybe they just celebrate British icons.

The Big Ben set is going to be an exclusive VIP release on June 15 with public availability on July 1. The prevailing theory is that this polybag will be related to the launch in some way, but the July LEGO store calendar doesn’t show it. It shows a Classic Knights set and LEGO Volcano Jackhammer set.

London Bus 40220 polybagIt’s possible this set could be some kind of partner tie-in, but since the Big Ben set (10253) will be exclusive that doesn’t seem likely. It could also be a UK only bonus as the calendar we saw is for US stores. We’ll have to keep our eyes open to see what the LEGO group has in store for this nice little bus.

I just counted the pieces and at 117 (give or take my bad math), this is fairly sizable set so it is entirely possible that this be a $9.99 or $12.99 boxed set and not a polybag as most are surmising. It’s a much nicer looking bus – larger and more detailed – than the one on Tower Bridge.

Oh – If you don’t want to wait, you can download the building instructions (minus the stickers) any time from this link to a PDF set of instructions.

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