BrickForge – Laser Peg Alteration

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Kyle from the BrickForge demonstrates how to customize newer Laser Pegs modules to work with their older elements. Laser Pegs are quite useful in lighting up brick-built models & MOCs.

I’ve never heard of or seen Laser Pegs before but they look great when used “carefully.” As with anything, too much doesn’t necessarily make it better. Their website shows off some pretty flashy (pun intended) uses of their system, but I like the subtle ways they’re used in the BrickForge video.

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  1. Great video. We appreciate the mention. One issue, however, the first small parts are actually the company that knocked us off. That’s why you had to trim the real #laserpegs parts to fit their pieces. All Laser Pegs parts will have “LP” on one of the nubs and/or LP on the circuit board inside the part if there are no nubs on it. We do appreciate you mentioning us and are happy you found our shop. Please use the coupon code “friends” to save 20% on your next purchase at The coupon code will work for your viewers too. Thank you for the video!
    Laser Pegs Web Team


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