Anyone for Skiing?

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Ski Chalet (Lego MOC) 1The ski season is going to be winding down in many areas of North America over the next 2 months, but we all know that LEGO is always in season. Builder and Flickr user SEBASTIAN-Z has found a way to keep us in the apres-ski all year-long with his gorgeous recreation of a ski chalet inspired by a European style chalet located at the Sugar Bowl ski resort designed by John Malick Architects. Have a look at the inspiration gallery at this link and see how the LEGO and real versions compare.

The original source for this MOC.
The original source for this MOC.

Sebastian’s model took him about a month to build, which is an amazingly short period of time considering the amount of detail and work the model shows.

The chalet exterior features a large chimney running up the front, dark wood construction, plenty of snow and people frolicking. The design is strongly European, but not entirely out-of-place in North America. There’s even a tiny hot tub on the back deck for relaxing after a rough day of skiing.

The inside is immaculately detailed and one focal point is obviously the working side of the fireplace, with appropriate furniture placed nearby. Clocks, lamps, dishes and cozy chairs are placed throughout, making it really feel like you could live here. On the second floor there’s another fireplace and smartly designed bedrooms.

Sebastian describes his style as “generally traditional architecture (typically done in modular style with interiors), though I occasionally venture into more contemporary styles. I usually start with a real world building as a source of inspiration.” He generally keeps his creations together for a few months before tearing them down to recycle them into a new project.

As always, have a look at the rest of Sebastian-Z’s Flickr photos and you’ll see that this is far from the only incredible building he’s created. There’s a spooky house, modular used book store and building after building with incredible detail and thought.

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