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London’s Leicester Square Store Turns Upside Down

Even more Strange things happening in London today as we head toward the "mysterious" May 15 event. Check out this photo posted on the...

Another Strange Tease From LEGO on Twitter

This morning The LEGO Group posted the following on their Twitter feed. What does it mean? Would you answer the call?

LEGO Teases Strange Event May 15

The LEGO group is getting annoyingly good at this whole "let's tease people" game they've been doing. Over the last few years they've been...

Mystery Midnight LEGO Event at Leicester Square Store

LEGO today announced on Facebook that they will be holding an event on May 15 starting at 12:01am and running until 3:00am. All we...

BrickLink Mosaick Maker – Now in Beta

Have you ever wanted to make a mosaic image out of LEGO but didn't know where to start? Lacked the creativity or couldn't get...

2017 LEGO Architecture Skyline – Updates

Over the last 24 hours, after the new LEGO Architecture Skyline set photos came out, more information is coming to light. First, the London Skyline...