BrickLink Mosaick Maker – Now in Beta

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Have you ever wanted to make a mosaic image out of LEGO but didn’t know where to start? Lacked the creativity or couldn’t get to London to use the mosaic maker in the LEGO Store there?

Today the wonderful folks at BrickLink released a new way for us all to spend more money and make our own mosaic images.

The tool is amazingly simple to use. Just upload almost any image and pick a size then the tool will create a plan for building a mosaic. The tool works really well, but it seems to introduce some artifacts. I uploaded a logo in a pure single color on white background, and the program showed a whole lot of color variations.

The nice thing is that the tool offers a variety of sizing options. From 5″ square up to 60″. You can change the sizing after you’ve uploaded to see what works best. You can also choose full color or greyscale, and either plates, tiles or bricks from which to build your mosaic. All of those choice impact on the “possible” cost of ordering those parts.

My 15″ by 15″ mosaic ended up using 387 parts in 10 different colors and would cost an estimated $318.80 CDN to order. This was for a simple logo, not the minifig shown.

The tool is entirely free to use, exports all instructions and everything you need. The price is shown in case you want to order all the parts from BrickLink stores.

I played around with several images and options, but found it challenging to find a photo that would work well as a mosaic in a reasonable size. Larger sizes give better details, but the time and cost to build them increase as well.

I liked the method of generating the parts list. It’s not just a list of 1×1 tiles or plates, but a mix of larger pieces as well. Depending on your collection, you may already have everything you need on hand.

Dear BrickLink Community Members,

The open beta phase for our newest feature, Mosaick, is now available for all
BrickLink users!

You can access Mosaick (Beta) here:

We’d love to hear your feedback! Please use the Mosaick Beta Forum to discuss
this feature.

Mosaick Beta Forum:

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