LEGO Teases Strange Event May 15

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The LEGO group is getting annoyingly good at this whole “let’s tease people” game they’ve been doing. Over the last few years they’ve been teasing out bits of custom content every week or two leading up to a big event, and now they seem to be leading up to the Stranger Things set being available to 400 lucky people on May 15. Details are below this odd LEGO commercial from 1985 that “strangely” never aired. Coincidence?

Something STRANGE is happening at the LEGO Store Leicester Square…
ALL to be revealed at midnight, Wednesday 15th May 00.01 – 03.00.

LEGO invites you to the midnight opening:

• Be the first in Europe to see and buy the new set
• Meet the LEGO Designer, Justin Ramsden and get the set signed
• Netflix and Build – take part in a special building experience
• Hang out and engage with fans of LEGO bricks and one of the
most popular Netflix series
• Enjoy some “totally tubular” refreshments
• Last but not least… dress to impress! Show your best 80’s swag!

Some useful “How-To” for you to plan your trip accordingly:

-How much does the set cost?
-The set price will be £179,99.

-How big is the set?
-It measures over 12” (32cm) tall, 17” (44cm) wide and 8” (21cm) deep.

-How can I guarantee an access to the event?
-The event is limited to 400 participants who wish to purchase the set. Wristbands will be provided on the day, confirming your full access to the event. The store will have capacity for additional participants to attend, but there will be no guarantee on sets being signed

-How many sets can I purchase and get signed during the event?
-The number of sets and signatures for this event is 2 per person.
Only the sets will be signed! Just saying…

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