Over 2,000 Elements to Bid Farewell to LEGO’s Pick a Brick

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LEGO enthusiasts, brace yourselves as our beloved LEGO Group is updating its online Pick a Brick service by retiring more than 2,000 pieces this month. Among the departing are numerous coveted animal and minifigure elements. Pick a Brick, a treasure trove for LEGO aficionados, has been a haven for acquiring rare elements and complete minifigures. Notable departures include cherished classic space helmets and Blacktron torso. Castles and Vikings series followers should hustle to snag valuable pieces before they vanish.

While this update might stir a sense of nostalgia, it also reminds us of the continuous evolution in the LEGO realm, keeping the excitement ever-fresh. On the bright side, orders exceeding certain amounts still bag some delightful bonus packs. So, head over to Rebrickable, explore the soon-to-be-retired pieces, then pop back to LEGO.com and grab your favorites before the stock runs out! Don’t forget to keep an eye on the upcoming Black Friday deals for some budget-friendly LEGO shopping​.

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