LEGO’s Holiday Film Unveils the True Superpower of Play: Are You Ready to Unleash Yours?

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The 30 second film is the final milestone within the brand’s wider Play Is Your Superpower campaign, which aims to encourage adults to prioritise play for the children in their lives.

Billund – November 1, 2023: The LEGO Group has today released its latest holiday film, which encourages everyone to gift the superpower of play this festive season. This latest installment of the brand’s three-part Play Is Your Superpower campaign showcases how the LEGO® play experience brings an epic new dimension to festive family moments, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary.

The LEGO Group’s hero Play Is Your Superpower campaign film, released in September, told the story of how the corporate world became enlightened to the merits of play by seeing its impact through the eyes of six adventurous children. For this festive follow up, the super kids are back on their mission to unleash creativity and spread joy through play this holiday season.

Produced in collaboration between the LEGO Group’s creative agency, Our LEGO Agency (OLA), and award-winning agency Droga5 Dublin, part of Accenture Song – the heroic children join forces with a neighborhood of kids and adults alike. An epic snowball fight between neighbours shows the superpowers that play brings to those of all ages, with everyone encouraged to embrace and get involved in the fun. With LEGO gifts at the heart of the action, the film also includes references to popular LEGO® franchises, partners and products, including LEGO® DREAMZzz™, LEGO® Technic™, LEGO® NINJAGO®, LEGO® Star Wars™, LEGO® Friends and LEGO® Disney.

The film showcases how play unlocks superpowers, or skills, in children that help them thrive now and in the future. Regardless of the child’s interest, they are united in their mission of spreading play this holiday season with their creativity, confidence and problem-solving abilities unlocked by a LEGO set that perfectly suits their passion whether that be space, nature, gaming, adventure or friendships.

Julia Goldin, Chief Product and Marketing Officer at the LEGO Group, said: “For over 90 years, the LEGO Group has unleashed creativity and imagination in kids. We believe that creative experimentation through play helps unlock ‘superpowers’ – such as confidence, creativity and communication – and that these skills benefit children for a lifetime. For our Holiday campaign this year, we wanted to show that LEGO play can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary, enabling children to reimagine and rebuild their world through play. What better thing to gift than the superpower of play?”

Nic Taylor, SVP and Head of Our LEGO Agency, said: “In our Play Is Your Superpower campaign, our amazing hero kids showed the world that play is critical to powering everyone’s potential and that it can unlock a superpower that lies within us all. Through surprising twists in our Holiday campaign, our festive film continues to demonstrate the transformative power of play, and more specifically, how LEGO play is a gift that everyone will love.”

Jen Speirs, Chief Creative Officer, Droga5 Dublin part of Accenture Song, said: “When we first met our Superkids, they had a big job to do… to show the whole world that play is a superpower. Now they just get to let loose in a full-on, snowball-covered celebration of supercharged LEGO play. In a series of epic, action-packed films, they’re here to show us that LEGO is the ultimate gift to choose this holiday season, because it brings people of all ages together, sparks creativity, fuels passions – and brings a whole new level of fun and surprise. A superpower indeed.”

The LEGO Group’s Play Is Your Superpower campaign has been created to encourage adults to prioritise play for the children in their lives. The fully integrated global campaign will run across a variety of channels including TV, digital, out of home, cinema, PR, influencer, social and e-commerce during the Holiday Season.

Alongside the film launch, the LEGO Group will be unleashing a playful holiday on the world this festive season through instore and digital retail and shopper activations, including bringing the film to life for consumers in New York and London with interactive play experiences at the flagship Fifth Avenue and Leicester Square stores.

Running alongside the Holiday campaign is the LEGO Group’s seventh annual #BuildToGive initiative. #BuildToGive will encourage children and families globally to build a LEGO heart in order to give a LEGO set to a child in need. Once built, simply share on social media or LEGO Life using the hashtag #BuildToGive before the end of December. The initiative will give 1.5 million children across the world in hospitals, children’s homes or vulnerable communities the chance to play this holiday season. To find out more, visit:

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