European Energy Teams Up with Novo Nordisk and the LEGO Group for a Greener Future in Plastic Production

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Hey there, folks! Some exciting news just landed on our desks, and we couldn’t wait to share it with you. European Energy, Novo Nordisk, and the LEGO Group are teaming up to make our world a little greener by creating lower-carbon plastics. How cool is that?

European Energy will be producing a fancy thing called e-methanol, made from renewable energy and biogenic CO2. It’s a more eco-friendly alternative to the plastics we use today. Novo Nordisk, a top healthcare company, plans to use this new material in medical devices like insulin pens, while the LEGO Group (yes, the same one that makes those awesome bricks we all love) will be experimenting with e-methanol to create more sustainable toys.

Both companies are super committed to sharing knowledge and technology to speed up progress in the industry. European Energy’s CEO, Knud Erik Andersen, believes that the partnership could lead to a more sustainable future for many industries looking to transition away from fossil fuels.

Starting in 2024, European Energy will provide e-methanol to Novo Nordisk and the LEGO Group for their materials production. Dorethe Nielsen, VP of Corporate Environmental Strategy at Novo Nordisk, says this is an important step towards using non-fossil plastics and reaching their “zero environmental impact” goal. They hope that their efforts will inspire more companies to join the fight against climate change.

Nelleke van der Puil, VP of Materials at the LEGO Group, shares the excitement, stating that this partnership is yet another way the company is fulfilling its commitment to building a sustainable future for children. They’ve already developed bio-PE and prototype bricks made from recycled PET, so this new e-methanol project is a thrilling addition to their eco-friendly lineup.

The e-methanol production will take place in Denmark, using renewable energy from wind and solar plants. We can expect the first batch of this greener material to be delivered in 2024. So, kudos to European Energy, Novo Nordisk, and the LEGO Group for taking a giant step towards a more sustainable world. We can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

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