2 New Disney 100th Anniversary Sets Leak

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German retailer JB Spielwaren posted 2 upcoming LEGO sets in advance of their official release. Those sets & images have now been taken down off their site so we don’t know how long this post will be up before the LEGO Group asks us to remove it.

First “UP” is 43217 “Carl’s House” from the movie “UP” featuring 2 minifigures of Carl and Russell, and then also Dug the dog and a squirrel. The house is cute and well detailed for it’s small size. Unfortunately, or fortunately maybe?, there are no where near the number of balloons featured in the iconic Pixar movie. The 598 piece set is expected to retail for about $60 US.

The next set featured on the site is the 4+ set Disney Celebration Train (43212) which comes with 6 Disney minfigures most of which are at least slightly varied from prints we’ve seen before. Showcasing a train driven by Mickey, it highlights 3 themes. Peter Pan and Tinkerbell on a pirate ship, sheriff Woody playing guitar and Moana. An unlikely combination really – but it also has a Minnie figure to play to the crowd.

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