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Sunrise Tower (front)

Christian Benito (aka Little Brick Root) is one of my favorite Microscale and Micropolis builders, and I hope to do a “Builder Focus” on him in the coming weeks, but today I want to spotlight his stunning Sunrise Tower.

He posted this to his Little Brick Root blog last year and commented that it was gathering digital dust for a while before he was able to build it.

The gradient of the colors wrapping around the building is perfect for a morning sunrise, coming out of the grey night.

The technique of wrapping the slopes around the building’s core is genius and the way he’s built the corners is perfect. He mentions that this inspiration came from an Instagram builder that he follows and if anyone knows that like, I’d like to see it.

Leaving no stone unturned, even the roof has some nice of details using techniques we see frequently to represent the traditional HVAC, elevator and mechanical systems found on the roof of a high-rise office building.

As he admits on his blog, the overall build is somewhat delicate, so I doubt he’ll bring it to many AFOL conventions, but I could be wrong. I’m glad he’s posted it to Flickr and his blog so that we can all appreciate it.

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