Microscale In Official LEGO Sets

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So we’ve talked about microscale and what it means and also why you might choose to build in microscale but did you know you may already own some official LEGO sets that use microscale?

Although none of the sets that LEGO has released are labeled as such, the Architecture series is an obvious place to start. The original series of LEGO Architecture sets featured well known buildings and landmarks that were built in microscale. Take a look at the photos below. Each one is smaller than minifigure scale but maintains the correct proportions and important features found on the full sized version.

The newer LEGO Architecture Skyline series takes this even further, reducing an entire city to something just around 12 inches tall. Whether it’s the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, or the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, they’ve all been reduced. In the sets LEGO tries to be consistent with the scale, but they do some “selective editing” to make the sets work in an artistic way.

Taking this Skyline series further, many fans have produced their own versions of these replicating their home city or favorite city with great success. There’s also many examples of skylines from fiction too, including several Star Wars and Lord of the Rings MOCs.

Back to official LEGO though. There’s a recent set from the Harry Potter series that uses a unique approach to microscale, and that’s Hogwarts Castle (71043). What sets this slightly apart is that while it contains 4 minifigures representing the 4 houses, the castle itself is not big enough for them. Instead LEGO included 27 of their microfigures for placement within the castle walls.

We’ve seen microscale in the LEGO Ideas site quite a bit and quite a few of the sets that were selected for production are microscale. Consider the Back To The Future Delorean, Birds, NASA Apollo Saturn V (1:110 scale), Women of NASA, Ship in a Bottle etc. The list goes on. Despite the reduced size of these sets each is an amazing construction that doesn’t lack in details.

LEGO will continue to produce sets in the Architecture line and I’m sure we’ll see many other examples of official LEGO products that are built at sizes smaller than the common and traditional minifigure scale.

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