New 2021 First Half Catalog Released – Part 4

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Wow, this is the last of the 4 part review of the upcoming LEGO sets for the first 1/2 of 2021. If you’ve made it this far, thank you! If you want to view the previous parts, you can click for Part 1, Part 2 or Part 3

You can use our new 3D viewer below to browse the catalog. There’s a “FULL SCREEN” button to make it bigger.

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LEGO Technic

We covered several of the new 2021 Technic line-up the other day, so details here will be scarce, please check out the other post for details.

Starting in February, 2 new Pull Back sets will be released into the Technic line, both Monster Jam sets. 42118 Monster Jam Grave Digger and 42119 Monster Jam Max-D are the latest.

Also out in February is 42117 Race Plane and 42116 Skid Steer Loader as we covered recently. More grown up sized sets are also coming out 42123 McLaren Senna GTR and 42122 Jeep Wrangler. February also brings 42124 Off-Road Buggy, a remote control vehicle with Bluetooth controls. And on the last page of the catalog, the Ferrari 488 GTE “AF Corse #51” glows in bright red, releasing in February also.

In March, we’ll see 42121 Heavy Duty Excavator and 42120 Rescue Hovercraft.

But what else?

Way back in Part 1 of this series I mentioned a couple of themes missing from the catalog, and I skipped a couple of things too.

First – Although it’s not missing, there’s no mention of upcoming Speed Champions sets for early 2021. Could it be LEGO is withholding information due to a rumored design change? Could new sets be only scheduled for summer/fall 2021? Anything is possible. We’ll have to wait and see. More details when I get them.

Second – There’s absolutely nothing about Architecture in this catalog. In the last couple of years at least 2 new sets would launch in January (skylines usually) and at least 1 more regular set later in the spring or early summer. As with Speed Champsions, we just don’t know what this omission means. Are the sets delayed due to COVID-19 manufacturing issues? Are they just being pushed back? Or are they slowing or ceasing Architecture releases in general? The theories run rampant, but not solid information is available.

Third – LEGO are releasing VIDIYO in March 2021. Unfortunately for me, scanning the QR code failed to load a website. VIDIYO is the new line of toys created in conjunction with Universal Music that was announced in April of 2020.

Combining music and the LEGO System in Play, this collaboration will deliver exciting opportunities for children to connect and creatively express themselves, and their love of music. Harnessing immersive, interactive play and safe social experiences, the partnership aims to inspire and support creative development.

And lastly, perhaps the one thing I’m most “upset” about is that the catalog teases a 3D augmented reality experience by downloading the appropriate app from Google or Apple for your smartphone. That app doesn’t seem to be available here in Canada at this time. The idea of checking out these LEGO sets in 3D, projected onto a table or counter sounds awesome. I know Google did this with certain wild animals in their search results.

That’s it for our really, really long trip through the first half 2021 for New Zealand. If future editions in other regions reveal anything new, we’ll be sure to post that new information.

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