In Space, Nobody Can Hear You Sing A, B, C

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You’ve probably seen this on other sites, and The Brothers Brick have profiled the whole collection and some of the individual letters, but this is an amazing collection and needs to be seen by everyone!

Builder Dave Kaleta has constructed an alphabet of spaceships for his adorable son Elliot starting with the ones needed for his name. This led to there being to different builds representing the letter L, as seen in the photo to the right.

Dave shows off his skills and parts library by using non-traditional colors (coral for the letter C, the teal in the letter J) and building in some fascinating themes incorporating both traditional LEGO themes (A – Blacktron, B – Blacktron II, F – Futuron, I – Ice Planet 2002, L is wonderfully Classic Space, M for M-Tron, and P is Space Police II), and a variety of others. Check out the Steampunk letter R for example!

One cold weekend afternoon, I was looking for something to do with my four year old in the house. We went to our Lego room, “What do you want to build?”, “A spaceship,” Star Wars obsessive Elliot answered, “an E-Wing!” I knew that the Lego fan site From Bricks to Bothans held a letter based starfighter contest years before, but I was willing to give it our own try. During the build I developed our own set of self imposed RULES:

1. The ship has to be in the shape of the letter

2. It must be strong enough for a four year old to play with it without breaking

3. The primary color and cockpit location are chosen by Elliot

4. Any piece Elliot finds (that matches the color scheme) MUST be incorporated into the build

5. What Elliot says, goes. So if he wants a play feature or design element, I had find a way to make it happen. 

As the project progressed the builds became more and more complex and the rules became more flexible.

We finished the letters of Elliot’s first and middle names and now we are working our way through the remaining letters.

Dave Kaleta – Flickr:

Each of the photos below can be clicked for a much larger view. Be sure to visit Dave Kaleta on Flickr for more amazing builds from this builder.

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