Official LEGO Storage Drawer Set Coming Soon


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Amazon UK is offering pre-orders on ROOM Copenhagen’s latest release, a 3 drawer official LEGO set of 3 storage drawers in a colorful tower. A lot of people use ones from other vendors, which will be much less expensive, but if you want official LEGO ones with a building area on top, these could be for you. We previously showed you the wall mounted studs from ROOM which are now available to purchase.

Pre-order price in the UK is £49.99 each. Amazon in the US has the drawers listed (both the red and blue) but no pre-order is offered as yet and both are listed with no expected date.

The racks each feature 3 drawers in red, green and blue and come with 3 – 4×6 plates to allow for customizing with your own bricks. The top of the rack has a recessed area for a 32×32 baseplate to fit. From the photos given by Amazon, they do not appear to be a stackable to expand vertically but rather sized for a kid level storage and building area.

Given the expense and lack of a stacking solution, these are probably not the storage an AFOL is looking for to store a large collection but could work well in a kids room – or as part of a larger solution, fitting under a bench or table.

  • Easy to organize: LEGO Drawer storage rack has three semi-transparent drawers designed for organizing and sorting of LEGO bricks or toys. The drawers are removable to assure easy access to content
  • Customize your box: add a LEGO element to the LEGO base plate clip to identify the content inside
  • Fun & playful rack system: with a LEGO baseplate fitting the top of the rack, The rack system can easily be used as a building station. (3 baseplates included)
  • Size & age GRADE: 346 x 326 x 379 mm/ 13.62 x 12.83 x 14.92 in – age GRADE: 3+

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