LEGO Stud Wall Hangers Coming Soon

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ROOM Copenhagen has been a LEGO partner for a while and produced several very nice products, and now they’ve done it again with these awesome LEGO stud wall hangers.

Practical and attractive, the stud hangers can be used on just about any surface and have a universal screw slot on the back for easy and fast placement in any room. Maybe it’s a dedicated LEGO building room, or a kids bedroom, mudroom or garage even.

Each set comes with studs in three complimentary colors and while the iconic LEGO red, blue and yellow set is sure to be a favorite, the other colors may fit better in your home. The set contains three studs in different sizes: small is 4.7 cm / 1.9 in, medium is 7.9 cm / 3.1 in and large is 9.44 cm / 3.7 in giving you some options for how they’re used.

Somewhat surprisingly, I’m drawn to the pink, blue and white pastel color set – perhaps for it’s subtlety. These would be great in a baby’s room, nursery or bathroom, but don’t limit yourself to my thoughts. Like LEGO itself the possibilities are practically endless.

The stud hangers are now available in Europe via Amazon UK and other sources and will be shipping from Amazon US on May 1.

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