Quiet on the Set!

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Aaron Newman (nujumetru on Flickr) created a pair of small movie themed vignettes that spoke to me. For over 20 years I’ve worked on the edge of the film industry and have a fondness (or weakness?) for film related material.

Here Aaron presents use with a behind-the-scenes look at a quiet set. Perhaps the day is about to start, or has just wrapped, we don’t know. There’s an almost sad stillness about the scene, with the warm light spilling through the door and casting shadows.

The builds of the equipment are just spot on, and you can almost imagine them in use. The star sitting in the chair, the clapboard, light and camera just waiting to be used. Very nice work.

Aaron’s other creations, as seen on Flickr, are impressive too. Be sure to check those out! My theatre side really likes the softness of his Center for the Performing Arts.

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