BrickHeadz Series 1 – Now in Pictures!

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We first heard about the BrickHeadz lineup prior to San Diego Comic Con 2016 last fall, and have been kept in the dark about exactly what this series would look like when it became public. Well, we now have the answer and it is “cute”.

The first series features 8 sets and the Batman sets seem to be modeled after the new LEGO Batman Movie based specifically on the look of Robin. Some of these characters were seen last fall in San Diego, specifically Batman, The Joker, Captain America and Iron Man, but the figures are entirely different in both design and colors.

We also know there are 4 more sets to be included in the series including 41593 and 41594, which are unnamed as yet, and then Belle (41595) and the Beast (41596) which will probably coincide with the new live-action version of Beauty & The Beast coming out this year.

Batman (41585) – 91 Pieces

Batgirl (41586) – 99 Pieces

Robin (41587) – 101 Pieces

The Joker (41588) – 151 Pieces

Civil War Captain America (41589) – 79 Pieces

Civil War Iron Man (41590) – 96 Pieces

Civil War Black Widow (41591) – 143 Pieces

Avengers Hulk (41593) – 93 Pieces

Pricing for these sets is not yet available, but speculation around the internet suggests they’ll probably come in between $15 to $20 US (Probably closer to $20) given some specialty printed bricks and licensing from DC, Marvel and Disney.

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