LEGO Rogue One sets photos released

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LEGO news seems to be all about Star Wars and Rogue One these days, so this story will continue that trend.

Today, Entertainment Weekly, The LEGO Group and other sources revealed the range of Rogue One LEGO sets and we can now officially show them.

First is 75119 Sergeant Jyn Erso – a buildable figure along the lines of the ones we saw last year for Star Wars: The Force Awakens and previous movies. The buildable will be 104 pieces and retail for $24.99 USD. This is the first time I’ve seen her referred to as “Sergeant Jyn Erso” which suggests she does join the Rebels in an official capacity and not just as a civilian fighter.

Another buildable figure will be the droid known as K-S20. K-S20 is featured prominently and menacingly in the current Rogue One trailer. The set will have 169 pieces and retail for $24.99 USD.

The final buildable figure is the Imperial Death Trooper (75121) which could be a fan favorite. It’s a smaller build at just 106 pieces, but will still retail for $24.99 – not a great deal really.

We also get official images of the Imperial Assault Hovertank (75152) set which is 385 piece and has 3 minifigures included, Chirrut Îmwe and 2 pilots. This set should retail for $29.99 USD.

A favorite since we saw it get smashed by Ewoks is the AT-ST Walker (75153) updated, or back-dated?, for Rogue One. This 449 piece set will retail for $49.99 USD.

The TIE Striker (75154) is another stunning ship design with adjustable wings for versatility in space or atmospheric flight, I assume. With 543 pieces and 4 minifigures, this set will retail at $69.99 USD.

The next set is Rebel U-wing Fighter (75155) which is much larger at 659 piece and has 5 minifigures, namely Bistan, Rebel Trooper, U-wing Pilot, Cassian Andor, Jyn Erso. The retail price for this is $69.99 USD.

Last up is Krennic’s Imperial Shuttle (75156) weighing in at 863 pieces. I love the design of this ship. The black looks so sleekly evil, and the studded appearance adds to the menacing look while the design reminds me of the Shuttle Tydirium, it also evokes Kylo Ren’s shuttle. The set includes 6 minifigure including K-2SO, Bodmi Rook, Pao, Director Krennic and 2 Imperial Death Troopers. Retail price on this bad-boy will be $89.99.


All of these sets will be available for Force Friday on September 30 and are likely to sell out soon based on the expected awesomeness of Rogue One.

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