A simple technique for house siding

I saw this simple technique on Flickr the other day and wanted to share it. It’s really simple, but could use a fair number of tiles depending on how much you want to cover.

Panel oblique, for facadeAs you can see in the rendering on the left it’s a simple set of stepped brown 2×4 plates covered with 1×4 tiles in a lighter brown or tan color. Of course the choice of color depends on your situation. Then attach this to a 1×2 complete hinge assembly set at the required angle.

I love the use of this LEGO building technique in the picture on the right. The way it’s offset with brick at the bottom and a downspout type pipe in the corner really demonstrates how effective this technique is. It does require a bit of planning to get the space required for the depth – it’s more than 1 stud deep.

To see this method used on an actual MOC, have a look at the Hotel Viktor, part of the Victorian Village also by Werner.

Hotel Viktor, left