LEGO Minecraft 21128: The Village Announced

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I’m not a fan of Minecraft the game or the LEGO sets, not because I dislike them, I’ve just never been caught up in it, so we won’t cover a lot of it here, but yesterday LEGO announced The Village (21128) – a massive 1600 (exactly) piece Minecraft set. The set is expected to be a exclusive and should appear as “Coming Soon” on the site today with early VIP exclusive access on May 18 and public launch on June 1.

The Village is the largest Minecraft set ever released and will retail for $199 USD when it’s released. The set is made up of buildings such as a watchtower, butcher, marketplace, blacksmith and library as well as areas like a well and garden. In all there are 11 figures (not minifigs) in the set. If you’re familiar with Minecraft this may make more sense to you: Steve, Alex, baby pig, pig, Villager #1, Villager #2, Zombie Villager, Zombie, Creeper, Enderman, and an Iron Golem.

Depending on the piece breakdown this set could be worth well over its retail value in pieces whether you sell them or just bulk up your personal inventory. Minecraft is based on pretty much only square/rectangular shapes so you won’t find any slopes or roof lines here, but there are a lot of tiles in green, grey/bley and brown, tons of plates in similar tones and of course standard bricks. Standard 2×2 bricks are abundant in the same colors mentioned above. We also get a new spiky brown plant as seen in the photos below.

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