LEGO Valentine’s Day set 40236 – Reviewed

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I only discovered the LEGO Seasonal Sets last year and started with the Vampire and Bat set which wasn’t too impressive. These minifigure based vignettes on the other hand are cute and a lot of fun I think.

The first one this year is a cute Valentine’s Day picnic (40235) for a young couple. Featuring just 126 pieces including the figures, you definitely get your $9.99 worth. There’s not a lot of building here since each thing that you build is pretty minimal and takes just a few bricks. The exceptions being the large tree, the bouquet of flowers and the fountain really. Oops! I almost forgot the brick-built bird sitting in the tree.

40235 - Valentine's Day set
40235 – Valentine’s Day set

I love all the accessories that come with this set. You’ve got a teddy bear, a pair of sandwiches on a board, wine/champagne with glasses, a red balloon, a chocolate bar, a love letter, a pineapple, some cookies and a cupcake. And almost all of the round tiles were duplicated as spare parts, including the cupcake in my set.

The couple are sitting on a nicely done red-and-white checkered blanket made up of 2×2 tiles and jumpers, all on top of a nice heart-shaped plot of land.

I’m likely to buy a couple of these little sets just for the pieces it comes with. It’s a great way to round out a collection of “everyday accessories” for a home or small bakeshop type scene.

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